Налогообложение недвижимости

Sale of property

We offer:

  • marketing promotion of the realized object (depends on the aggressiveness of sales);
  • the first and subsequent contacts with potential buyers, intermediaries and interested (a contact log is kept);
  • Realization of displays of the realized object;
  • security (including transportation to the storage site);
  • security control.

The cost of services depends on the volume and set, starts from 500 UAH. The main task is to search for a person who is interested in purchasing the realizable object.
Advancement of advancement of the realized object is welcomed, as the sold object is not the property of the company “Your assets”. Without such advances, marketing promotion is carried out by assessing the demand for this category of goods and its value corresponds to the expectations from sales.

Advantages of implementation with our company:

  • Full control of the process;
  • Openness of company actions and customer awareness;
  • Efficiency;
  • Low cost of services;
  • Complexity.

Realization of property is carried out according to the algorithm:

  • Determination of the mode of use / location / storage of property during the implementation;
  • Publication of information about property in relevant news media;
  • Organization and conduct of inspections by potential customers;
  • Preparation of property for transfer to a new owner;
  • Organization of transfer and acceptance of property;
  • Control of payment.

Tselesobrazo together with the beginning of the implementation process, transfer the property to management. So the likelihood of preserving the state of the property and the possibility of obtaining additional profit increases. At the same time, certain improvements in property that can be carried out can also positively affect the cost of its implementation.

To transfer to an implementation, fill out the form. When transferring a group of objects, specify this in the description.

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