Property Management

We offer property management services that include:

  • preparation of property for a condition suitable for use
  • search for a tenant, registration of the tenant’s relationship with the owner and further work with the tenant
  • control of financial receipts and expenditures
  • maintenance of due order and condition of property

Activities for filling in these points are made depending on each particular facility. All concrete actions, costs, directions are coordinated at the preliminary stage and in the course of work with the property. The quality standard is guaranteed by a single process control center and constant monitoring of progress.

The owner is sent reports on the work done at the established frequency. The owner has access to on-line information on the progress of the project in the context of each facility.

For private customers.

Working with tenants will not distract you from your immediate tasks. Territorial remoteness of objects from you and from each other will not be a problem now. Timely collection of funds for payment of accommodation, monitoring the completeness and timeliness of payment for communal and other payments, participation on behalf of the owner in all activities conducted by contractors – service providers – here is an approximate list of the benefits that you receive.

For corporate clients.

If the property does not belong to the specifics of your direct business. Determining the factors influencing the demand for such property, maximizing their development, switching the concerns about such property to us is the main priority in transferring such objects to management. After the transfer, the owner owns all the information about his property, and in addition he has the opportunity to control every direction – repairs, cleaning, leasing, marketing activities – even more effectively by transferring direct execution to the management company.

If the property participates in the business of the company-customer. Concerns about such property are certainly not the core business of the majority of companies. The presence of the manager, who is not in the staff of the company-owner, stimulates him to perform the tasks positively. At the same time, all the worries related to the maintenance and servicing of the property are completely transferred to our company, which not only frees up part of the premises for the main business, but also optimizes the control system for own property. There are additional opportunities in financial accounting related to the maintenance of property.

Management of the condominimums.

Since the management of the condo can be conditionally divided into standard, special and work with people, we offer optimization of each direction. Today, we provide software and services that allow you to optimize and customize the management of multi-apartment buildings.

Standard accounting of residential and non-residential funds, common areas, owners and service organizations, automation of reporting and preparation of reference documents, automation of calculation of utility bills and work of the state of the home.
Identification of points of control and reading of information on the amount of consumed resources as a way to identify and eliminate points of leakage.
Service maintenance of systems at home in working order and acceptance and fulfillment of applications of tenants for repair and maintenance of engineering, electric networks.
Optimization of work with tenants and additional marketing opportunities for obtaining extra income.
Creation of a long-term plan for updating the material and technical base and a long-term prospect of reaching maximum energy savings and switching to alternative energy sources.
The maximum possible information of the members of the condo about all events inside the house, the state of affairs and financial results. Work with tenants who are not enthusiastic in paying for the consumed resources and labor of the state of the condo.
These are the areas of work offered at our level. We offer a presentation of our services and discuss prospects for cooperation.

We provide a full range of works with property.

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