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Property inspection

We offer inspection services, or monitoring of collateral or own property, to banks, leasing companies and other financial organizations.

Qualified specialists of the company in all regional and significant regional centers will conduct inspections and provide

  • Inspection report (company form or customer form)
  • photo / video materials.

Work is carried out in accordance with the deadlines, qualitatively and always independently.

The cost of inspection depends on the amount of work and can be

  • fixed for different types of objects (passenger transport, freight and special transport, residential real estate,
  • industrial real estate, commercial real estate, equipment)
    fixed for the volume of the order.

The cost may include a visit to the location, if the object is located outside the regional centers or can be calculated additionally.

Pay attention to the directions close to monitoring:

Preliminary inspection / inspection

Which is carried out BEFORE purchase, acceptance in pledge, property insurance.

In addition, a description of the location, the surrounding infrastructure, the environment, the study of environmental factors is done. Based on the information received, the customer’s services can evaluate the cost of the inspection objects.

Controlling the transfer of equipment in leasing

We will accompany the transfer of equipment to leasing, as a result of which the customer will receive photos of both the leasing object itself and the transfer process, as well as the transfer documents.

If necessary, we also organize the transportation of property to the place of transfer, transportation after the withdrawal of equipment (including the organization of loading / unloading).


We carry out an inventory of fixed assets and inventory.
In the inventory process, we can mark objects, take photos and record the state of objects; after inventory – valuation for both accounting purposes and for commercial purposes, certification and standardization.
Inventory results can be entered in the client’s client accounting systems.

The cost of inventorying employees of our company depends on the purpose and amount of property and work.

Write to us about your desire to transfer property to the monitoring
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