Property evaluation

Basically, property valuation can be carried out for

  • transfer of property as collateral (requires agreement with the creditor bank of the company / appraiser, who conducts such an assessment);
  • compiling an opinion on the value of the property to be sold;
  • determination of the value of property for tax accounting.

There may also be specific needs for property valuation, each of which is individually discussed and factual.

The valuation of property is carried out in several stages

  • the purpose of valuation, the location of the evaluation object, timing and other factors of cooperation and work are determined;
  • inspect the site, collect the necessary documents for the assessment;
  • the evaluation and coordination of the description and other factors affecting the value are carried out;
  • an evaluation report is prepared, after the registration is handed over to the customer.

It should be noted that only the owner of the property can own the appraisal on the rights of possession and disposal of the property.

To conduct property valuation, we work with partners – professional appraisers. To whom it is worth to contact, we evaluate after understanding about which object is being discussed, preliminary agreement on the purpose of the evaluation, the desired timing and other wishes. Our partners are located throughout Ukraine, at the same time, if necessary, they can carry out trips to other regions and countries.

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