Property control

This direction can be interesting both to individuals and corporate clients.
It includes such components:

  • valuation of property (for transfer to pledge, for alienation, for tax purposes);
  • inspection of property (for checking the current status, checking the compliance of the information provided, checking the property before buying);
  • inventory of property (independent confirmation of the presence and condition of the property).

From the point of view of an individual service request – checking the property before buying for a choice of several options may be interesting for the first stage. In the future, according to specific information, a short list is selected for personal examination.

The valuation can also be interesting for the purpose of forming the cost of sales or for the purpose of tax accounting. In order to transfer property as collateral, it is necessary to specify the list of accredited appraisers from the potential creditor bank.

For commercial entities, cooperation with LLC “GK” Your assets “may be interesting for the purpose of conducting regular inspections of mortgaged property, conducting inventories on collateral objects.
More details about these areas, please look in the relevant sections, but more effectively discuss the issues at the meeting. Write, call, we will be happy!

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