The main task of consulting is cost optimization. Applied to property:

  • the definition of the circle of persons and duties regarding property;
  • distribution of property to the participant in the creation of the product and no;
  • the determination of actual costs for maintenance and management;
  • development of recommendations for optimization of work with property.

We will analyze

  • system of work with property;
  • organizational and functional structure for work with property;
  • organization of work with property “from within”;
  • the main processes for working with property;
  • level of automation of work with property;
  • actual costs of maintenance and management.

and give recommendations on

  • optimization of organizational structure and cost structure;
  • necessary measures to achieve the set goals;
  • needs and automation capabilities.

Often it is the “outside view” that allows you to get out of the closed circle of inefficiency. The work is carried out legally, the time and cost directly depend on the number of people in our team and the time for the research.

Our experience with property, people and companies of different sizes can and should be useful to you.

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