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Everything you need for the property

At once we will notice: the task we see satisfaction of all your needs on property. Therefore, if any service is not on the list, we will find people who will be able to satisfy your need. It is important for us to get the whole complex.

Therefore, our services can be reduced to several main areas:

  • consulting
  • control
  • management
  • celection

And separately it is necessary to allocate automation of resource management.

In the context of each direction, we offer:

  • Audit of the state of work with property – go ?
  • Research of alternative formats and directions of property exploitation – go ?
  • Checking the condition of the property (inspection + legal status of the property) – go ?
  • Inspecting property (property inspection, description of the characteristics of the environment (for real estate), use (for movable property) – go ?
  • Technical inventory of real estate – go ?
  • Valuation of property – determination of market and other values ??- go ?
  • Organization of relocation of offices and apartments – go ?
  • Complex solution for relocation – selection of a new location, dismantling / installation of equipment, transportation – go ?
  • Maintenance of property – go ?
  • Search and work with tenants (trust management of property) – go ?
  • Realization of property (promotion, demonstrations, implementation support) – go ?
  • Selection of any property within Ukraine with inspection of objects from the short-list – go ?
  • Preliminary selection and organization of personal viewing of real estate abroad – go ?
  • Automation of property management and your resources – go ?.

Time / terms of the provision of services and the results of the provision of services are stipulated in the contract.

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