We cooperate with well-known and growing vendors with a worldwide reputation, such as IBM, Microsoft, Terrasoft. Today they offer a variety of solutions both on their own and on cloud servers to manage part of, a complex of different kinds of resources – in the form of systems for managing corporations, relationships with customers, separate business lines, in particular – property.

Our experience in implementing systems of different classes allows us to assert that we can offer you a solution to all issues. Anyway, everything that exists in companies of any level can be digitized and the processes are maximally automated. Basically, everything depends on the desire of management and staff readiness.

We worked in banks to implement asset management systems, lending, scoring, liquidity management and clients. We worked in different levels and forms of ownership of companies to automate accounting, delivery and reporting. We also worked on the development of WEB-interfaces for communication of clients, sales managers and employees of offices.

Another aspect of our activity is the selection and installation of “smart house” class systems. In connection with the global and large-scale widespread development of this direction, many people independently solve these problems. And at the same time, for companies like ours, there remains a niche in terms of addressing unconventional tasks and tasks in the face of time constraints.

In any of these cases, we need to discuss and come to any opinion in the negotiation process. To get started, please contact us with questions and suggestions, we are always happy to respond. On the right there is a feedback form, in the Contacts section – our other data.

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