Trust management of the debtor’s real estate

Updating of a known service in the spirit of the times.

For today, great importance for banks and their customers has acquired the relations leading to the continuation of cooperation. However, delays in payments on loans against the background of a decline in the market value of mortgaged property and business activity of the business environment pushes the banks to take tough measures against yesterday’s hotly loved and desired customers. Such measures are not always limited to closer attention to the financial and property status of clients.

We, the company “Your assets”, are ready to stand up for reconciliation of the parties and solution of the stalemate situation for mutual benefit.

By transferring the mortgaged property / mortgage to the trust management and the creditor bank and the borrowing client receive:

  • the opportunity to remain business partners;
  • preservation of their reputation;
  • cash flow to pay off debt;
  • control of the actual state of the property in the current mode;
  • Monitoring of cash flows generated by the facility;
  • preservation of ownership of the object, pledged.

At the same time, it is possible and not limited to objects that are pledged, and in the case of home mortgages, it is not necessary. Since the housing that the borrower uses himself does not generate cash flow, it is possible to transfer commercial real estate to management. In some cases, the mentioned housing can be rented by moving to an alternative one, which is lower both in value and in operation.

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