The technique of selling real estate: how to sell an apartment or a house

Real estate sale is theoretically an easy thing. Relevant documents should be collected and advertising in printed publications. Then you need to show the house or apartment to those who wish and sell. And, it would seem, the end. However, in practice, in order to achieve the desired result, the correct technique for selling real estate must be implemented. The topic of this article is the last one.

To achieve the desired result, the correct technique for selling real estate must be realized.

Real estate sale techniques: Stage 1. Determination of the value
First of all, you need to set a price. There are several options. Firstly, you can buy several magazines and newspapers selling real estate and see what price is determined for real estate, similar to yours. Secondly, you can contact local agencies, ordering a professional assessment service for your property from them.
However, any living space has its own specifics and it is very difficult to determine the real value of an apartment to the accuracy of a dollar. Professionals selling real estate are determined to determine its value with an accuracy of 1-2 thousand dollars, after a thorough inspection and ringing a large number of similar in the characteristics of advertised apartments / houses.

Stage 2. Advertising in the sale of real estate
Buyers receive information about the sale of real estate through real estate publications, online databases and through agency websites. If you want to sell an apartment quickly, then you need to select several advertising publishers and advertise the apartment three or four times a week, if you are not in a hurry, you can choose a couple of publishers, well, advertising will be enough twice a week. It makes no sense to advertise more than three times a week, because according to statistics the number of real offers will increase by no more than 10%, as if to advertise an apartment every day.
Internet sites for the sale of real estate allow you to get a quick effect even before the publication of advertisements in print media. The advantage of advertising on the Internet is the efficiency of placement. Announcements are published on the day of filing and this is especially important when there is a need for urgent sale of an apartment. Without leaving home, the buyer can see the layout of the apartment being sold, its location, photos of the house, the entrance, the view from the window and all the rooms. Many buyers are looking for real estate on the Internet, so placing ads here makes sense.

Stage 3. Real estate show
For potential buyers it is not necessary to embellish an apartment, it is better to say what is actually. In addition, if the apartment has conspicuous shortcomings, then it is desirable to say about them even during a telephone conversation. Thanks to this you will save your time: you do not have to show the apartment once again to someone who does not want to buy it anyway because of this shortcoming. In this case, do not forget about the merits of the apartment. If they are, be sure to emphasize them.

Step 4. Acceptance of advance / deposit
There will come a time when there is a buyer for your property, and you will finally agree on everything with him. Usually this is achieved through mutual negotiations and compromises. While the agreement is reached only in words, it is possible that the buyer at any time may change his mind or declare refusal to comply with any terms of purchase. Therefore, the seller should get from the buyer (his representative) to prove the seriousness of the intentions some amount of prepayment, to document its transfer in writing and other important agreements on the forthcoming sale of real estate.
Professional agencies and private brokers have specific experience in the technology of real estate sales. For a certain percentage of the transaction, they will take care of all the “zamorochki” and save you precious time.
In practice, this is realized by drawing up and signing an agreement of intent (preliminary contract of sale) or an agreement on making an advance. To go on signing the agreement on the deposit on the sale of real estate is possible only with absolute certainty that within the agreed timeframe you are able to provide the procedure for preparing the transfer of the apartment to the new owner.

Stage 5. Drawing up a contract for the sale of real estate
The contract for the sale of real estate is made by a notary at the time of the transaction. The Real Estate Agency may draw up a Preliminary contract specifying the intentions and stipulating the amount of the deposit, the terms of its payment and the return.

Step 6. Mutual settlements (bookmark money)
An important point in carrying out any paid transaction for the sale of real estate is the procedure for settlements between the parties, which provides appropriate guarantees for each party, security and confidentiality. After all, after the transaction, the Seller remains with the money (of course, he wants them to be guaranteed to go to him in the required quantity and in a safe way), and the Buyer remains with his real estate after the transaction (and wants the documents to be normal; on this occasion he had no problems in the future). Having no relevant experience in this matter, ask for help from a specialist.

Stage 7. Execution and state registration of the transaction
If the contract for the sale of real estate is made in simple written form, and the text of the contract and other documents are already ready, then immediately after the money is written, you can sign the contract and file it for state registration. If you intend to sign a notarial contract – the parties are sent to the notary to sign and certify the contract and other documents, which are then submitted for registration.

The technique of real estate sale: the final stage
The seller of real estate should determine the problem: do everything yourself, seek help from a real estate agency or a private broker. In the first case, taking into account the fact that knowledge and experience tend to zero, the implementation time of the conceived will tend to infinity. Agencies in the person of their individual representatives and private brokers have a specific experience in the technology of real estate sales and knowledge of the realities of this market. They will take care of all the “zamorochki” and save you precious time (and nerves), help you to optimize taxes and take advantage of benefits. However, they will have to pay for their work (3-5% of the transaction amount to the agencies and ~ 3% to the private broker). The choice is yours.

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