Property management

Property management is a unified system for the development and implementation of management decisions related to the formation, use, disposal and ownership of property under various aspects of the company. The main objective of property management is to increase the efficiency of its use and, thus, to ensure the growth of revenues through the optimal ratio of the quantity and quality of the property, as well as reducing costs by optimizing the use of resources for various purposes.

In general, property management can be divided into tasks of property accounting and management tasks proper. The first include: inventory, collection, consolidation of data and the formation of structured information about property and property complexes, as well as maintaining this information in an up-to-date state. The result of accounting and inventory of property is the creation of a register of property of the company, which is a single system for the operational accounting of property objects and rights to them. Management tasks include monitoring and monitoring of current and forecasting of future asset states in a tactical (operational) or strategic perspective in accordance with the goals and objectives of the owner or entity managing this property.

The tasks of property management have an extraordinary information complexity, and their solution lies in the way of building a unified property management technology, which can be ensured only through the use of modern information technologies.

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